Our Story

The Birth of 'Live Courageously'

In December 2021, during the pandemic's peak, 'Live Courageously' sprang to life. Amidst my film producing work in Calgary, Canada, the idea struck me: a podcast to counter the prevalent fear in the media and film industry. This venture was inspired by my circle of brave and remarkable friends from varied backgrounds.

Our first episode featured an extraordinary actress, a childhood polio vaccine survivor, who became a key figure in Hollywood's disability movement, perfectly embodying the spirit of living courageously. Since then, our podcast has grown, hosting an eclectic mix over 60 diverse guests, includes actors, an FBI agent, filmmakers, authors, speakers, military veterans, a presidential bodyguard, a stuntman, a firewalker, a boxer, screenwriters, IDF veterans, a world traveler, an LA police officer, a film director, a documentarian, and visionary non-profit CEOs, all sharing their unique, courageous stories.

About Me

I'm John Duffy, a film producer/director, professor at UCLA, author, podcaster, and motivational speaker. My journey from dropping out of high school at the age of 15 in the South Bronx to becoming a Hollywood producer has been a path of overcoming challenges and achieving dreams. Having produced over 50 feature films, I'm also deeply involved in supporting and mentoring military veterans in the film industry.

As the creator and host of 'Live Courageously,' I've brought together over 60+ episodes of impactful stories in two years. My experience in the personal development field, especially working with mentor Tony Robbins and producing a weekly live Facebook show on transformational topics, has greatly influenced my work.

I've also penned two memoirs, "Black Irish - Not Your Average White Boy" and "Mao to Reagan - A Born Again American," which reflect my life's journey and are currently being presented to publishers. My story, shared through 'Live Courageously,' is about relentless pursuit and turning dreams into reality.

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  • A Sunday Horse

  • Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist

  • Miracle in East Texas

  • Merry Kiss Cam

Beyond Courageously

Giving Back: Our Commitment to The Slave Free Project

At 'Live Courageously,' our mission extends beyond inspiring courage and faith through our stories. We believe in making a tangible impact in the world, which is why we are proud to support The Slave Free Project. This incredible organization is dedicated to ending modern-day slavery, a cause that resonates deeply with our values of freedom, bravery, and justice.

We support The Slave Free Project through direct donations from our sales, awareness campaigns, collaborative merchandise, and active community engagement.


The Slave Free Project

The Slave Free Project is a dedicated movement tackling the often-overlooked issue of human trafficking that exists not just globally, but in our own communities, neighborhoods, and even churches. This organization is committed to breaking the silence and igniting change, emphasizing that everyone has the power to make a difference.

Their approach is threefold: Prevention, Awareness, and Action. They focus on building awareness and equipping individuals and communities with the necessary tools to prevent and combat human trafficking. Through exposing the harsh realities and statistics of this global issue, The Slave Free Project provides comprehensive training and compassionate support, guided by the love of Jesus Christ, to those in crisis.

The action component of their mission involves channeling donations directly into SERT Ministries' teaching programs, recovery initiatives, and rescue missions. These efforts are aimed at ending human trafficking both locally and worldwide, demonstrating a proactive and impactful approach to a problem that demands urgent attention and collective action.

Learn More about SFP and How You Can Help

Podcast episode #62

Interview with the Founder

Meet Rudy Gonzalez, the founder of The Slave Free Project. Rudy is a former Reconnaissance Marine and Police Officer turned Pastor. He trains, equips and leads teams to seek and save those who are lost, lonely, hurting, afraid and trafficked. As the Founder and Director of SERT Ministries he has helped facilitate the recovery of hundreds of exploited men, women and children on five Continents and in nearly every State across our Nation.

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Interview with the Operations Chief 

Madeline Gonzalez serves as the dedicated Operations Chief for SERT Ministries working nonstop to facilitate the rescue of men, women and children out of trapped situations worldwide.

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