Live Courageously with John Duffy St Patricks Day Special Episode 69 My Irish Journey

John shared his “Irish Journey” Story as a St Patrick’s Day Special.

John is the son of two Irish Immigrants who mourned to America in 1928 and arrived at Ellis Island. They met and married in the Bronx. John’s dad died when he was four years old. He remembers going to the St Patrick’s Day Parade every March 17th in New York City with his Mom.

As his neighborhood changed ethnically he lost touch with the Irish culture and adapted to the culture of the changing South Bronx. In 2008 he was contacted by an Irish cousin living in England that led to a journey and visit to Ireland on St Patrick’s Day and a reconnection with a family he didn’t know he had and rediscovery of his Irish culture. He went on to become dual citizen of the US and Ireland and traveled to Ireland three times.

He has called the connection with his Cousin Sharon and the trip to Ireland his “Irish Miracle”.

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