Live Courageously with John Duffy Season 2 SPECIAL Episode ASK ME ANYTHING WEBINAR 1

Live Courageously - The first WEBINAR as the new website goes live!

Live Courageously: Podcasts, Blogs, and Apparel for the Brave (

With special guest George Ohan, a U.S. Army veteran and Hollywood producer, is on a mission to bring this compelling story to the screen. It's a tale of honor and respect, told through the eyes of a veteran, resonating with every American who holds their country dear. At its core, it embodies patriotism. "The Flag" comprises two pivotal short films: one, a fictional narrative, and the other, an educational exploration of the Flag's significance, including an in-depth look at its thirteen folds. Under the direction of John Duffy, an international team achieved remarkable success, earning a coveted spot on the 2015 G.I. Film Festival Official Selection list.

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