Live Courageously with John Duffy Season 2 Episode 76 THE BLACK DONNELLYS

Dave Rooney and Dave Browne of the Black Donnelly’s are the guests this week.

David Anthony Rooney is an award-winning singer/songwriter hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Rooney is also the co-star of his documentary, An Irish Story: This Is My Home, chronicling his band The Black Donnelly’s as they embarked on a record- breaking journey performing sixty shows in all fifty U.S. states in just forty days. The film is a compelling exploration of the American Dream from an Irish immigrant's perspective. A multifaceted artist, Rooney is an Emmy Award™-winning and Guinness World Record™- breaking musician. He was voted Best Irish Singer/Songwriter of the Year . Beyond his musical and filmmaking, Rooney is a passionate advocate for mental health. His book, Journey Through Anxiety: A Troubadour’s Tale, is a deeply personal account reflecting his resilience and triumph over a thirty year struggle with anxiety.

Dave Browne once played guitar for 414 hours straight, setting a Guinness World Record, began looking for a new test of his mettle in 2017. He and Rooney had already set the mark for the longest concert ever at 372 hours. (Native Dubliners, their history dates back to 2004, when they started bumping into one another in the Canary Islands, where both were working the resort scene.

The Black Donnellys are named after a family of Irish immigrants who relocated to Canada in the 1840s, some of whom were infamously murdered in a dispute with another family. Their latest effort “Through the Storm” Documentary An Irish story, part 2 The untold stories of 9/11.The new doc from the Black Donnellys is celebration of Bravery, Selflessness, Heroism and Remembrance. All to the backdrop of an Irish bands original soundtrack and perspective. “Through the Storm” will take you on a journey of moment to moment introspective, as they hear the direct testimony as it happened on that fateful day, when time stood still. Ultimately posing the question ….“Where were you”? This doc will be released in support of the @ Charity.

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