Live Courageously with John Duffy Season 2 Episode 75 CLEO DELONER

Cleo DeLoner, (A True Survivor)

A proud Veteran of the War in Somalia, a three-time suicide survivor, an author, a public speaker, an ardent supporter of our military and first responders and an outspoken champion for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder issues and Suicide Prevention.

Cleo was born of a rape, conceived in violence, raised in neglect, shame, and abuse. She experienced incredible trauma while in Somalia where she survived a horrific firefight, struggled to save a severely mutilated child and was forced to drive through women and children with her HUMVEE to save her fellow military brethren.

After returning home, Cleo served as a police officer, a corrections officer and a counselor at her church. Unfortunately, her internal battles only intensified. She found herself combating the anguish, the pain, the nightmares and the screams by taking countless prescription medications, suffering through hundreds of electro-shock sessions and being admitted to mental health facilities well over 30 times.

Cleo is a remarkable storyteller, not only a story of immense pain, but a story of remarkable strength and enduring hope. She has a remarkable way with words that put you inside some of the worst situations imaginable and bring you out the other side with a joyous tear in your eye. Cleo’s journey and courageous path to healing is nothing short of a miracle and is a story not to be missed.

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