Live Courageously with John Duffy Season 2 Episode 73 TED SHRED

Ted Played drums in several Rock Bands in Phoenix Arizona in the early ‘80s, as well as owning HeadBangers Drum Shop. Then pursued music through radio taking a at Westwood One/100.3 Pirate Radio in the LA market as well as syndicated radio shows world wide including Armed Force Radio.

Shred’s love of the Rock music scene here in Hollywood led him through numerous bands playing around LA till he got hired to be a stand in and an extra background actor) for Steven Tyler on Wayne’s World 2 that then took hold of Shred’s creative performance side which at this time turned towards acting from 1992 even up to the present.

Through acting Shred discovered many jobs he was experienced at in this industry through natural survival to actual training from Stunts to Animal Training, Line Producing to Directing, from Art and Set Design to Lighting. Then through an odd form of osmosis and powers of the universe Shred creates several companies to increase his financial base and help harness his chaotic creativity. So Double Dog Dare Events (an event design/production company involved in the entertainment and corporate marketing)was launched followed by Pira For Hire (a live action interactive promotional company focusing on anything Pirate from live shows, commercial marketing, to Film and TV re-enactments…) made of like minded pirate enthusiasts from the film industry for entertaining with live action shows around the world.

And finally Shred’s love for animals and animal rescue/rehabilitation he created Tropical Exotic Animal Rentals (designed for taking on rescued exotic and domestic animals. Then after rehab if they cannot be released back to the wild or be placed with an appropriate animal sanctuary, he would keep and provide for them) that became an animal ambassador company for educational programs, special event meet and greets, as well as training/conditioning certain acclimated animals for the film and TV industry that even lead him to becoming a Ringmaster for the famous LA Circus and The Vamphear Circus. And let’s not forget his over 40 years experience as a record holder as Hollywood’s #Fire Manipulation/Breather. This all had a very common thread that leads us to The Shred Media Group and The Rock Lounge. Ted Shred’s extensive experience as a producer, creative write director, and over all entertainer will now be focused on hosting, interviewing and entertaining.

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