Live Courageously with John Duffy Season 2 Episode 67 ALEX GILFILEY

Alex Gilfiley grew up on a tiny Pacific Island of Yap Islands. This little island is in the Micronesian islands neighboring Guam, which is a sub-region of Oceania, comprising thousands of other small islands in the Pacific. The scarcity of education and jobs abound on the island, and opportunities for advancement are very limited. At a young age, as far back as third grade, Alex would pick fruits, nuts, and coconuts to sell at the local market for his bus fares to and from school. He worked on some low wage jobs starting in high school.

Though these jobs, one of which he was a cargo handler at the small island airport at night while going to school during the day, paid him just a dollar an hour, he always dreamed of a better life for himself. He saw a sticker that read - Army. Be All You Can Be and that would spark the flame inside of Alex that ultimately encouraged him to begin planning his move off the island in his pursuit of a better life. Thus, the Army would be his one-way ticket that would bring him closer to this dream.

Some Noteworthy Moments in Alex’s Life include the following:

  • Overcame multiple suicide attempts
  • Acted and Production Managed “The Flag: short films.
  • An honoree of a Senatorial Award for courageous commitment to protecting our Nation’s Freedom.
  • An honoree of the US Congressional award for valorous acts of gallantry in service to our nation
  • Helped saved the lives of over 15 wounded US Soldiers in a helicopter crash, and securing the bodies of 15, while risking his own life under heavy enemy fire in combat
  • Was one of the few privates, which is a low rank in the military, to be awarded one of the nation’s highest valorous military award in the Iraq War
  • Overcame the temptation of retaliating against the group of people that plotted the murdering of his father and made genuine peace
  • Received acknowledgement as an awardee of the US Presidential Citation Award for playing a major role as a team member that kicked off the Global War on Terrorism.

Alex returned to Guam and Yap to care for his ailing Mother until she passed. He was chosen a Cabinet Member and Director of Yaps’ Youth and Civic Affairs Dept. He is the visionary of creating a Feature documentary of Yap in 2025.

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