Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 54 Dennis Price

Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 54 DENNIS PRICE

Dennis Price is a USMC Force Recon, Scout Sniper, Ranger veteran who has deployed 7 times in the military, and has served as a Private Military contractor as a Sniper/ mobile DDM, OGA, NGO for 6 deployments. Dennis has attended various Special Operations schools, as well as the Head instructor for Field craft and stalking for the Army’s Special Forces Sniper Course. Dennis Price was briefly in a JSOC Tier 1 unit, until his youngest daughter Emilia was born and diagnosed with two rare diseases causing her to be hospitalized for 6 months from birth. After being life flighted from Alabama to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Dennis Talked to the doctors about the need probability and frequency of having to be near the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The Doctors said that Emilia will need to be within 1 hour emergency range to her specialized hospital. The doctors said for her two rare diseases there were only two options, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia or the Hospital in Houston. Dennis made the decision to choose family over career and ended his career at just under 15 years. Dennis is a Christian with a very strong faith in God, a loving husband and a father of four beautiful kids. He is a boxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu- Jitsu practitioner, enthusiast, and enjoys competing in various martial arts tournaments. Dennis is the Project Manager for Might Oaks International. Dennis now dedicates his life to Precision rescues by using his Special Operations experience and skills to rescue sexually trafficked children, HVI's, Americans, and help those in need both Domestically and Globally. Dennis continues to be a voice and act upon being a Human Rights activist, Humanitarian crisis specialist, and an Evangelist.

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