Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 47 9/11 Memorial

Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 47 9/11 MemorialJohn will Honor and Remember 9/11 on the 22nd Anniversary of theterrorist attack on America. John will be attending the waves of Flags and theRide to the Flags at Pepperdine in Malibu and will be sharing video from theevent. He will also be sharing video from Tunnel to Towers non-profit to supporttheir activities. The program will share a video from the real Special ForcesOperators who went into Afghanistan to fight the Taliban and pursue Osama BinLaden after 9/11 and who were the real operators behind the movie 12 Strong.John will also be discussing the disastrous American withdrawal fromAfghanistan two years ago and will share the trailer for the Documentary “SendMe” about military veterans who went into Afghanistan after the withdrawal torescue Americana and allies.Join us and honor this who lost their lives on that tragic day and honor thosewho served in our Military and First Responders.
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