Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 43 JOHN DUFFY

Weekly podcast with John Duffy

John Duffy has worked extensively in the entertainment world for years, producing over 40 films in his lucrative career. John has overcome the trials and tribulations of life and has accumulated quite the tale, which has encouraged him to help others and motivate them in their dreams. John grew up in the South Bronx and fully expected his life to fall under one pathway. But after dropping out of high school at 15, John knew he wanted more and was destined for more in life. After many journeys, John has made his way as a producer, professor, and motivational speaker in the entertainment world. John has recently produced the feature film, Left Behind, with Kevin Sorbo. In addition to his work in the industry, John is an adjunct professor at Art Center in Pasadena. John has also worked in the personal development tract of life. With Tony Robbins as his mentor, John wanted to help others as Robbins has done. He has been producing a weekly live show on Facebook for two years covering inspirational material. On February 20th, John introduced his new podcast, "Live Courageously", which covers the idea of how to live courageously and honestly .John has also written two memoirs, Black Irish-Not Your Average White Boy and Mao to Reagan- A Born Again American. Both are currently being shopped by publishers. The two works cover John's early life and his journey throughout life and how he got to where he is when he discovered where he came from.

Faith Over Fear

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