Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 41 ALLI COVINGTON

Weekly podcast with John Duffy ALLI COVINGTON

Alli has been an entrepreneur in fitness since 1995 and finance since 2003, she has been a pioneer and made innovations in the fitness industry and sat on advisory boards for some of the largest financial firms. She earned her undergraduate degree from UCI where she double-majored in pre-med and Art History, and went on to earn an M.A. in Counseling Psychology. Instead of going into private practice, she utilizes her skills and talents with her clients every day to help them get their best outcomes. She created the first group exercise weight training class and went on to write the first personal training algorithm and built software around that program that is being utilized by individuals and companies. She expanded that into a coaching program with dozens of clients getting results they personally desire. Alli is a uniquely skilled and talented woman with many years of experience training men and women to get the body they've always wanted, and a Master's degree in Psychology. This is a combination that has made her the best. In the words of Alli "Your body is a machine that will do whatever you tell it to do, but it's your brain that needs coaching! That's the unique service that I provide. Psychologists aren't personal trainers and can't help you get in shape, and trainers aren't psychologists that understand the underlying issues that prevent us from reaching our goals and how to work around those issues to reach our goals anyway! Alli is also a Mom and her journey has been a rough one overcoming adversity and abuse and standing strong and inspiring others to not give in or give up.

Faith Over Fear

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