Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 40 GEORGE OHAN

Weekly podcast with John Duffy GEORGE OHAN

With guests Army Veterans Dave Alspach and George Ohan and will have a special screening of the two short films The Flag.'The Flag' is a project based on a true life experience of the writer/producer and U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran, Mr. Dave Alspach. Upon his return from Vietnam, Dave encountered some protestors attempting to burn the American Flag on a University campus and from that encounter The Flag Project was born. Fast-forward about 40 years and Dave meets U.S. Army veteran and producer George Ohan in Hollywood to make this story come to life. This is a story about honor and respect. It tells the story from a Veterans point of view. It's for every American who cares about their country. It's about Patriotism. The Flag consists of two important short films. One film is a fictionalized narrative film and the second is an educational film about what the Flag means; including an explanation of the thirteen folds. Director, John Duffy led the international team to success by completing the project and making the 2015 G.I. Film Festival Official selection list.

Faith Over Fear

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