Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 39 BRIANA CESPEDES

Weekly podcast with John Duffy BRIANA CESPEDES

Briana Céspedes a Cuban-Mexican-American that loves the Constitution. A broadcast journalist by trade, a storyteller at heart. She has worked as a broadcast journalist in the military for the past four years in videography, photojournalism, and radio. Her goal is to continue in journalism even after the military to support freedom and democracy. She was unlawfully discharged from the U.S. Air Force in 2022 after 5 years of service due to her conviction to say no to the COVID-19 vaccine. She now speaks about her experience in order to bring awareness and support other veterans that have the same story through the online group called Involuntary Veterans. Her hope is to unite for the protection of liberty and honor the veterans that served and were so unjustly treated. Briana recently started a Facebook group and Instagram page for Involuntary Veterans and you can find them under that name.

Faith Over Fear

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