Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 38 DEDOCEO HABI

Weekly podcast with John Duffy DEDOCEO HABI

He was born in 1963, Dedoceo Habi served honorably in the Untied States Marine Corps and United States Air Force. On 23 October 1983, at 6:22 am, America experienced the horrors of war when a terrorist bomb kills 241 US Service Members in Beirut, Lebanon. "Memoirs in The Moment" provides an honest look at the impact, experiences, and perspectives that challenge Mr. Habi, who was there on that fateful day. It provides gems of insights on how he has learned to manage his PTSD, and it shares the journey of living with the effects of PTSD. He is daring in his authentic and honest candor about the impact and effects of PTSD in his life. He lived with PTSD for three decades before finally going to the VA for help. It is Mr. Habi's hope that this work can help others concerned about or grappling with PTSD to realize a better life. Mr. Habi has been involved in community work since 2009 when he and a colleague began the "Get Screened Oakland" HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in Oakland, CA. He's also worked as an Associate for America Speaks, a 501c3 dedicated to bringing community together to discuss and resolve myriad social issues. He has conducted outreach and convened meetings with community, leveraging contacts to help address community concerns.

Faith Over Fear

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