Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 29 ELVIS LEON

Weekly podcast with John Duffy ELVIS LEON

Elvis Leon is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles. He travelled 120,000 miles during the pandemic. Went around the world 3 times! and just trying to stay alive long enough to tell the tale. Prior to this, he deployed to Iraq as a soldier for 15 months and returned with stories ready for the screen - he's been filmmaking ever since. Elvis has produced and directed many short films. One of his films "Angels of Anbar" screened at the GI Film Festival in Washington DC and his last project Cecil & Carl screened at 50 international film festivals and won 10 awards in the Best Documentary and Audience Award categories. Elvis just completed traveling 120,000 miles during the pandemic and is also working on his first feature documentary "Somos Leones - We are Lions" about his father's kidnapping in Guatemala and his family's pursuit of justice. Support project @

Faith Over Fear

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