Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 28 DR TRINA CLAYEAUX

Weekly podcast with John Duffy DR TRINA CLAYEAUX

Dr. Trina Clayeux is Give an Hour's CEO and during her first year she led the board of directors and staff to reinvigorate the organization and better reflect its mission, expertise and vision for the future by developing a three-year strategic plan, the impact of which will be felt by the communities we serve as we continue to transform the landscape of mental health. Before joining Give an Hour, Trina was CEO for social impact non profit organizations addressing educational, socioemotional and affordable housing disparities across low-wealth communities. As a military spouse, Trina served as the director of workforce and economic development for a county of governments charged with multi-state coordination of a Base Realignment and Closure event; as CEO of a national military spouse and veteran workforce development network; and as a sexual assault response coordinator in support of the Army family readiness system.

Faith Over Fear

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