Live Courageously with John Duffy Episode 23 ERIC CHRISTENSEN

Weekly podcast with John Duffy ERIC CHRISTENSEN

Eric is an acclaimed filmmaker/documentarian who has built his brand around socially responsible filmmaking that educates, inspires and heals. Christiansen, a seven-time Southwestern Region Emmy Award recipient, explores the impact of trauma, the resilience of the human spirit, and how a powerful platform for hope can be built to help trauma survivors begin the vigilant journey of healing. A trauma survivor himself, Christiansen worked through the loss of his home and possessions in the Painted Cave Fire by creating his first film Faces in the Fire 25 years ago. All of his films (Unmasking Hope, Faces in the Fire, Homecoming: A Vietnam Vets Journey, Searching for Home: Coming Back from War) have been transformative in the recovery process for thousands of people whose lives have been compromised mentally, spiritually and physically by trauma. Critically praised by the New York Times, they are also leveraged as educational tools by top mental health institutions.

Faith Over Fear

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