Live Courageously Season 2 Episode 62 2024 Guest RUDY GONZALEZ

Rudy Gonzalez is a Former Reconnaissance Marine and Police Officer turned Pastor. He trains equips and leads teams to seek and save those who are lost, lonely, hurting, afraid and trafficked.

As the Founder and Director of SERT Ministries he has helped facilitate the recovery of hundreds of exploited men, women and children on five Continents and in nearly every State across our Nation.

It is the desire of SERT Ministries to rescue persons who are missing and/or held against their will or who think it is impossible to get out of the trapped circumstances they have found themselves in.

As a force multiplier, SERT Ministries is made up of Operators from Military and Law

Enforcement backgrounds. They often stand in the gap between families in crisis and

local or federal Law Enforcement. They are ready and willing to deploy 24/7 with their

specific skill sets when and wherever help is needed. They are preparing for a Super

Bowl Rescue on Feb 14th.

If you can discern between right and wrong would you please do what is right before

they are called to step in to take your place.

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