Live Courageously Guest Episode 59 JOHN FRANKMAN

John Frankman was a Captain in the US Army who served as a Green Beret assigned to 7th Special Forces Group. On July 1st, he voluntarily separated from active duty after 8 years due to difficulties surrounding the COVID 19 Vax mandate. Before going on active duty, he spent four years in the Catholic seminary studying for the

Archdiocese of Washington and the Military. Archdiocese before discerning that God had different plans for him. He entered active duty as an Infantry Officer and completed the Infantry Basic Officer Leadership Course, Airborne School, and Ranger School. After serving as an Infantry Officer, he was selected to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course where he also completed SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape) and completed the Military Free Fall Course. Of all of his military accomplishments, he considers refusing the immoral and illegal COVID Vax his proudest moment. Since leaving the Army he completed his M.A. in systematic theology. He has also been fighting for accountability for those responsible for the mandates and restitution for affected service members.

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