Live Courageously Guest Episode 52 Scott Duncan

Live Courageously Guest Episode 52 Scott Duncan

John’s guests will be Scott Duncan USMC-Ret. Scott served in the Marine Corp for 21 years. as a Logistician , commanded at the Company and Battalion levels and

served in combat in Iraq.

Since transitioning from the Marine Corps in 2012, Scott successfully concentrated his

energy and commitment to workforce development strategies in support of transitioning military service members and veterans. Those outcomes have led to their successful transition, recruitment and employment into the civilian workforce.

Over time, his advocacy for those who serve(d) has become his passion - it's Scott's WHY.

Scott is committed to helping others by shining a light on the path to a better

life...helping people discover ...What's Next- Beyond Service.

He understands how to motivate and lead people in achieving optimum results through personal engagement, listening and team building. My experiences have taught me the critical importance of building and maintaining solid personal and professional relationships. These relationships lay the foundation for achieving maximum results in both life and business. Scott also Host the Podcast Show “What’s Next? - Beyond Service”and is a Member of Advisory Board of “ The Power of Our Story”.

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