The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

 "The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." - Tony Robbins


When we stand at the cusp of new opportunities, signifying the beginning of a new journey are you ready? The inability to take that first step into the unknown rather than the difficulties that lie ahead are what make something impossible.

This is what it comes down to if you feel in your heart that you are not living the best version of yourself, that you are not pursuing your dreams, or that you are not leading an authentic life. Have you made any goals? And above all, are you making progress towards reaching them? Opportunities abound, but occasionally we are simply too secure in our comfort zones to recognise them for what they are. Although we perceive them as barriers, obstacles are actually roadblocks that arise when you lose focus on your objectives.


Reaching your objectives, whatever they may be, might require you to take a step outside of your comfort zone at first. To achieve your dreams, you must push the boundaries of what you are capable of.

Taking different paths, conquering challenges, and enjoying the adventure of the unknown is the pathway to success. The less-travelled path may appear intimidating, but it offers the possibility of growth, transformation, and discovery around every bend. By pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones and demonstrating how courage overcomes impossibility. No matter how big or small, every journey starts with the choice to take a risk and face uncertainty.

When reaching objectives, accomplishing landmarks, and going through personal victories as a result of their choice to start their journeys we can celebrate that first brave step, the act of starting, is what opens up the seemingly unattainable to a world of limitless possibilities.

Having cooperative efforts, group dynamics, and people joining forces to help one another on our individual paths gives us the confidence to step into the unknown.

Remember that the only thing that stands between you and your dreams is the fear of never trying. A lot of people tend to bank their aspirations, goals, and dreams while they wait for the ideal circumstances, time, or moment. But hey, what do you know? The ideal moment never arrives. There are never ideal circumstances, never a right time. There will always be difficulties, roadblocks, and excuses not to take action but your dreams might never come true if you keep waiting for the ideal circumstances. You lag behind when you consider your aspirations and areas of passion but are unable to make them a reality. Your dreams remain where they are because they are still dreams, but time goes on, among many other things.

Think of a bird sitting on a branch – it doesn’t wonder if the branch will hold it, it takes a step and sees what happens. It steps outside of its comfort zone to see how far it can go. Every one of us is born with so much potential that we occasionally have to stretch past our comfort zones in order to realise it. We must move to the brink and leap. You will soar when you set your sights on your objectives, I assure you.


Yes, you need to do something. Yes, you will need to have bravery and courage, and yes, the hardest step will usually be the first one. However, if you decide to act, you will figure out what to do next.

Ed Sheeran once performed as a busker in London. He was unable to afford a house or flat on his own, so he had nowhere to live. He stayed with friends and slept on their couches as a result. “I would never go and get what people call a proper job because I had to know there’s only one pathway to realise my goals and ambitions, and that was to make it in the music industry. If I went to get a proper job as people call it, I would have suppressed my desire, my hunger to be me.’


Take that leap, take the first step – you never know where it will lead you.

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